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Knowledgable : We have the experience required to ensure the best possible results.

Objective : Our primary focus is striving to attain your goals.

Leadership : We put in the effort required to direct the development of your case.

Benefits : Our goal is to promote your happiness and prosperity.

"The best and most successful Trial Lawyers are not those who are the loudest or the most obstructionist; but those who are the most persuasive."


Location & Directions

The Law Offices of David A. Kolb, P.C. are conveniently located just 1/2 mile south of Louis Joliet Mall on Essington Road.
(Located across the street from Dominick's and Chase Bank and next door to the Fire Station.)

From Interstate 55

  1. Exit Route 30 east 1/2 mile to Hennepin Drive. Turn west.
  2. Proceed on Hennepin Drive two blocks to Essington Road.
  3. Turn South on Essington Road to 2295 Essington Road, Suite 103.

From Caton Farm Road

  1. Caton Farm Road to Essington Road.
  2. Turn South on Essington Road to 2295 Essington Road, Suite 103.

From Route 52 Jefferson Street

  1. Take Jefferson Street (Route 52) to Essington Road.
  2. Turn North on Essington Road
  3. Proceed 2 1/2 miles to 2295 Essington Road, Suite 103.

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David A. Kolb, P.C. | Attorney & Counselor at Law
2295 Essington Road | Suite 103 | Joliet, IL 60435
(tel) 815-254-1700 | (fax) 815-254-1766
Major credit cards accepted: VISA , Master Card, Discover

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